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Shinji Ikari
Rei Ayanami
Asuka Langley Sohryu
Misato Katsuragi
Gendo Ikari
Kozo Fuyutski
Ritsuko Akagi
Ryoji Kaji
Toji Suzahara
Kensuke Aida
Hikari Horaki
Maya Ibuki
Makoto Hyuga
Shigeru Aoba

Evangelion Unit 00
Evangelion Unit 01
Evangelion Unit 02
Evangelion Unit 03
Evangelion Unit 04
Evangelion Unit 05

Nerv Dossier

A.T. Field
N2 Mine

All information was taken from Viz Commincation's publication of the Neon Genesis Evangelion Manga.

In the year 2015, mankind is slowly rebuilding from the "Second Impact" which occured in the year 2000. The official explaination is that a huge meteroite smashed into the Antarctic. The real reason is much more terrifing. The explosion was caused by Adam, the first Angel.

Now, fifteen years later the Angels have returned. Only the giant weapons known as the Evangelions can stop the angels from starting a Third Impact in hand to hand combat. In the belly of the beast known as Evangelion are fourteen year old children, born nine months after the Second Impact. They are the only ones who can pilot the Evangelions.

Episode Synopsis

Episode 1: Angel Attack
Episode 2: Unfamiliar Ceiling/The BEAST
Episode 3: A Transfer/The Phone that Never Rings
Episode 4: Rain, Escape and Afterward/Hedgehog's Dilemma
Episode 5: Rei, Beyond Her Heart/Rei I
Episode 6: Showdown in Tokyo-3/Rei II
Episode 7: The Human Creation/The Human Work
Episode 8: Asuka Strikes!
Episode 9: With One Accord in a Flash/Both of you, Dance Like You Want to Win!
Episode 10: Magma Diver
Episode 11: In Still Darkness/the Day Tokyo-3 Stood Still
Episode 12: The Value of a Miracle Is.../She said "Don't Make Others Suffer for your Personal Hatred
Episode 13: Angel Invasion/Lillipitian Hitcher
Episode 14: SEELE, Thone of Souls/Weaving a Story
Episode 15: Lies & Silence/Those Women Longed for the Touch of Hers' Lips, and Thus, Invited Their Kisses
Episode 16: Sickness Unto Death and.../Splitting of the Breast
Episode 17: The Fourth Child/Fourth Children
Episode 18: The Judgement of Life/Ambivalance
Episode 19: A Man's Fight/Introjection
Episode 20: Form of the Mind, Form of the Body/WEAVING A STORY 2: oral stage
Episode 21: The Birth of NERV/He was aware that he was still a child
Episode 22: At Least, Be Humane/Don't Be
Episode 23: Tear/Rei III
Episode 24: The Final Messager/the Beginning of the End, or "Knockin' on Heaven's Door"
Episode 25: The End of the World/Do you love me?
Episode 26: The Beast that Shouted "I" at the Heart of the World/Take care of yourself
Evangelion: Death movie
Evangelion: Rebirth movie
Evangelion: Air movie
Evangelion: A Pure Heart for You movie

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